Adult and Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation

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Adult and Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation

When you or a loved one have decreased mobility and function due to a neurological disease or disorder, you need help regaining your freedom of movement. Our skilled physical therapists help by restoring your strength and balance for returning you to your life.

Our therapy team is trained to treat adults and children who are diagnoses with disorders of the neurological system. Stroke, developmental delay, subdural hematoma, transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s), traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, headache, dizziness, and Parkinson’s Disease are  some examples of common diseases and diagnoses that our therapist treat.

Our staff is trained to assess and make recommendations for devices to assist with walking and improving balance. The Comp Rehab staff is trained in techniques to decrease vertigo and improve balance.  Our staff works hand in hand with family members to ensure a successful rehabilitation program.

If you have more questions about our neurological physical therapy services contact Comprehensive Rehabilitation and talk to someone who cares.

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