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Neck and Back Pain

Millions of adults suffer with back and neck pain. It’s one of the most common health complaints in America. Comprehensive Rehabilitation can help with everything from low back pain to disc problems, muscle strains, headaches, whiplash and more complex spinal problems.

Our therapist will work with your doctor to provide the most effective complex spinal care available; a customized solution that’s aimed at solving your specific problem. We also offer chronic back and neck pain management as well as the acute new neck or back pain you may be experiencing.

Our therapists have had good success treating neck and back pain with a variety of therapy techniques. Your therapy may include:

Manual Therapy: This specialized form of physical therapy is delivered by the hands instead of a device. The goal of manual therapy is to massage muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an effort to decrease pain caused by spasms, tension or dysfunction.  Our therapists are trained in myofascial release, joint mobilization techniques and soft tissue mobilization.

Therapeutic Exercise: Many patients benefit from specific regular, mild exercises that influence body alignment, circulation and function. Our therapists will determine the best exercise regimen for you to perform based on a thorough physical therapy evaluation.  Examples of therapeutic exercise techniques utilized by our therapy staff include both McKenzie Extension and Williams Flexion exercise programs as well as dynamic stabilization programs.

Patient Education: Our therapists educate patients in self treatment techniques, home exercise program, body mechanics with lifting and work related tasks and postural education.

You deserve to live life without pain or limitation. You deserve the results the Comp Rehab Team can provide through skilled physical therapy services.  Tell your doctor you want to have the experienced and caring therapist of Comp Rehab to treat your headache, neck and back pain.

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